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3D Digital Solution, TTS.

Toshiaki Ueda

President and representative
Katsuhiko MASUDA

Thank you so much for your continuing support.
We would like to express our deepest gratitude.
TOKYO BOEKI TECHNO-SYSTEM has been engaged in "3D" for half a century from the era of its predecessor company, Tokyo Boeki.
With this long experience, we recognize that our mission, "measuring things,” is an important basic technology that becomes the foundation of various creations.
We firmly believe that such “measuring” is not simply an action for deciding the passing or failing of something(objects), but an indispensable action necessary for evaluating and maintaining the appropriateness of the processes of monozukuri – the “creation of things” – or indicating the route for improvements.
Especially in recent years, the digital process innovation using non-contact measurement systems is actively used in various fields.
At the same time, a new activity such as data analysis utilizing the IoT has begun. We think that such a trend will promote further and rapid advances in monozukuri and become the driving energy that completely changes the value chain in the future.
Now we are on the cusp of this new and transformative era in industry. We would like to contribute to customer's monozukuri more than ever before, by adapting and developing ourselves fearlessly.
"Aiming to be a company always working hand-in-hand in customer's monozukuri "
This is TOKYO BOEKI TECHNO-SYSTEM's aspiration.
We hope we will get your warm support and do good business together.